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Hi all, my name is Ben Lampe and I am a Christian, a middle brother and son, and an aspiring shower singer. I am currently in my fourth-year of medical studies in Philadelphia, have applied to family medicine programs in the Army match and look forward to hearing soon about where I will match! Besides reading about physiology and public health promotion, I enjoy running or swimming in new places, meeting dogs and their owners, and continuing the age-old debate of "Did Han shoot first?"



I'm currently a ER resident physician, a sibling to a brother and sister, an ultimate frisbee and basketball enthusiast, and fan of anything superhero. I created this blog because I feel I have much I want to share, but never the right place or time to share it in. My hope is to coherently organize my thoughts and be a light to all who come across this site.



Hey folks!  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, the youngest of 7 children to the most amazing parents, a health & fitness enthusiast, and a budding anesthesiologist. I feel like I have been blessed with such rich experiences so far in my life, and I want to share all of the meaningful lessons from both the triumphs and failures I’ve learned along the way. Despite my day-to-day job as a resident physician, I merely serve as a vessel in which God can shine his light through to reach as many souls as possible. I hope that the Upside-down Kingdom will be a safe space for you to delve into, learn more about yourself, and connect with others as we strive to live out his Kingdom here on earth.

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